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Saint-Pol de Léon

Saint-Pol de Léon

A lively commercial town with Renaissance buildings, Saint-Pol de Léon heads up one of the largest market-garden regions in Europe.

Open to the sea, Saint-Pol de Léon must be one of Brittany’s top towns when it comes to obvious religious heritage.

Although the Bishop’s Palace was suppressed during the Revolution, it has left a unique architectural trace on the town: a 13th-century church that contains elements dating even further back, a chapel, and the sanctuary of Notre-Dame du Kreisker qui (nearly 80m tall) which rises above all other bell-towers in the region. Scattered about here and there are dozens of other chapels, historic dwellings, manor houses and châteaux – indeed, the architecture alone makes Saint Pol worth a detour.

Notre Dame du Kreisker Chapel

Notre-Dame du Kreisker

Rising 78 metres towards the heavens, the bell tower of this Chapel is the tallest in all of Brittany. The chapel’s history dates back to the 6th century: legend has it that a paralysed young linen-seller was healed by Saint-Kirec and she gave him her house with which to construct a chapel. Legend also claims that the English, having razed the town to the ground in 1375, rebuilt the Kreisker chapel.

The tip of the spire can be accessed by a climb of 169 steps. Once there, you’re rewarded with a breath-taking panorama: the coastal points of Trégastel and Primel, the famous Château du Taureau, Roscoff, the Île de Batz, and the great sandy stretches of Plouescat and Kerlouan not to mention the countless other bell-towers, spires and rooftops laid out before you.

Don’t miss: the north Porch with its flamboyant architectural style. Here, you can pick out ten statuettes of bearded patriarchs holding a parchment. The doorways are topped by leaves, more statues, imaginary monsters and even a few domestic animals. See how many you can find!

Guided visits of the chapel are available in July and August – just contact the Tourist Office for details.


Tourist Office of St Pol de Léon - Tel. : 02 98 69 05 69 - www.saintpoldeleon.fr

Pays touristique du Léon - Tel. : 02 98 29 09 09 - www.paysduleon.com


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