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Facing the sea, this town was established on a peninsula jutting out into Morlaix Bay. Its buildings are imposing and solid, built to resist the elements as well any invaders, which tells you a little about the maritime background of this deceptively charming place.

Its local economy has always been very varied, and that helped to ensure its prosperity: it includes the maritime trade, local agricultural produce that has always been famous (especially the pink onions), a biological station, a centre for oceanographic research and treatment, ferry port, seaside resort and even spa therapy centres – that’s varied by anyone’s definition!

Discovering Roscoff

Roscoff is a lively spa town that’s a great place to live all year round and that also boasts an exceptional and well-preserved architectural heritage. Take a walk through the winding cobbled streets in the historic centre, stroll past the richly-sculpted townhouses that once belonged to the shipowners who flourished here and ensured the prosperity of the town. There are also many boutiques and shops in the town so you can combine strolling with a spot of window-shopping and browsing!

You can discover the town at your own pace, and in your own way, turning corners as you might turn the pages of a history book. On the most significant architectural and cultural sites, you’ll find one of 24 information panels that make up a discovery circuit – ideal for a family walk and a great way to find out about the key points in Roscoff’s history. The Tourist Office also offers a free book with games and puzzles about the town’s history, designed for children aged 7 to 10.  

Hunt out all the little details: minuscule doors, benches to help people mount their horses, quirky little sculptures and more.

The Notre-Dame de Croas-Batz Church and its churchyard, the Chapels of Sainte-Barbe and Saint-Nicolas all bear witness to Breton religious art – be sure to take a look!

And of course it goes without saying that you’ll need refreshments at some point, and there are plenty of great bars and restaurants where you can enjoy anything from a cool drink to an indulgent seafood platter.

Roscoff: home of the Frenchman on a bike!

A museum with a difference, ‘La Maison des Johnnies et de l'Oignon Rosé’ tells you all about an important time in Roscoff’s history.

The ‘Johnnies’ were onion-sellers from Roscoff who, from the 18th century onwards, left France each August and travelled to England to sell their onions. They are in fact the reason for our stereotype of a Frenchman in a striped top, riding a bike and sporting a string of onions around his neck. Little did you know that they were real, and that they came from Roscoff!

Here in this old, restored farm, you’ll find the story behind this rather original adventure as well as finding out a little more about the famous onion itself.

Similarly, be sure to visit the Exotic Garden where over 3000 species of southern plants are waiting, and a rock that stands 18 metres high with a panoramic view across Morlaix Bay, waterfalls and ponds filled with turtles, plus rockeries of cactus, agave and aloe plants.

Discover as well the geological discovery outings, the ‘By Rail and By Sea’ circuit, Algoplus, Thalado (seaweed discovery centre), the fish auction, and of course the galleries and exhibitions: there is a wide and varied choice on offer for those who want to learn while they explore.

Vidéo of Roscoff and its surroundings

This video focuses on the privateer town of Roscoff and its surrounding area. Philippe Le Galliard, Tourist Guide and former fisherman, introduces us to this area that he loves so much, starting with the sea that he couldn’t be without. For fishing, watersports, coastal landscapes and more, the sea is ever-present here, and has always had a great influence on our land. Philippe shows how the quality and pure nature of the water – still the case today – enabled Roscoff to develop as a spa town over a hundred years ago; that the sandy coast stretching from Tréflez to Roscoff and particularly the fine sand, the calm waters and the divers flora and fauna of the Keremma dunes truly are hidden treasures...


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