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Recipes from Finistère

Breton recipes

Gather ideas for recipes from Finistère or dishes using local ingredients - you're the chef!

Here are some lovely dishes to try that are sure to delight your family and guests, or simply to cook and savour yourself.

Shellfish: cooking times and hints

Langoustines, shrimps, lobsters... you will know all about how to cook your next seafood platter!

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Sardine pâté

A recipe that's quick, easy and tasty - a perfect canapé or starter.

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Kig Ha Farz

Typical dish of Finistère, kig ha farz means 'meat and stuffing'. The cooking is long but simple because one doesn't need to watch after it...

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Crêpes in all their Breton glory

Breton crêpes are succulent, light and crispy at the edges. Would you like to know what the best fillings are, for sweet and savoury? Look no further...

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Gâteau breton: Brittany's shortbread

It is just about possible to come to Finistère and not taste this buttery speciality... but it would be a real shame!

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Irresistible Apple Cake "Pommé ya-ya"

A dessert recipe that's an instant hit!

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Far breton

That is the traditional recipe of far breton. If you follow carefully its steps, you will taste the best far breton in the world!

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"Palets bretons" (biscuits) with salted butter caramel

Fall for this simple recipe, so easy to cook! Palets with a smooth salted butter caramel...

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Recipe of kouign (kind of crepes from the pays bigouden)

Kouign means "cake" in Breton. However, these cakes (not to be mistaken for kouign amann) are thick but supple. Made from a crepe dough with baking powder, it is cooked on a "bilig".

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