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Recipe of kouign (kind of crepes from the pays bigouden)

Recipe of kouign (kind of crepes from the pays bigouden)

Kouign means "cake" in Breton.

However, these cakes (not to be mistaken for kouign amann) are thick but supple. Made from a crepe dough with baking powder, it is cooked on a "bilig". It can be made with apples.


For about twenty kouigns
400 g of flour
200 g of sugar
3 eggs
50 cl of lukewarm milk
1 cube of (real) baking powder

Optional : 1 grated apple
Salted butter for the kouigns at the end of the cooking


Mix the baking powder with a small amount of lukewarm milk.
Stir the flour and the sugar, then add the eggs.
Add lukewarm milk in three times to avoid bits.
Add the diluted baking powder. Stir.

Let the dough rest (ideally in a lukewarm place) for three hours until it "goes up".


When the dough is ready, heat the bilig or baking tray to 200°C.

With a ladle, spread small amounts of dough on the bilig (about 5 kouigns on an ordinary bilig - add apples in the dough if you wish).

Let it cook. Bubbles will come out at the surface. When they disappear, leaving some small holes, turn it over and let it cook. Put some butter and serve.

These kouigns can be served with sugar, jam, melted chocolate, caramel...

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