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Oysters and abalones


A true taste of the sea


Here, oysters are ... flat! The best-known are those of Prat Ar Coum in the north and those of Bélon to the south, both of which benefit from the combination of freshwater and saltwater. This blend gives them delicious flavour with hints of woody nuttiness.

The native oyster has always bred around the Finistère coasts - even back in the 4th century, the Welsh poet Ausone spoke about our local oysters and their quality. Here, we produce as many in the north (near the Abers, Morlaix-Penzé, and Brest)  as we do in the south (Aven, Belon, Merrien and the Fouesnant coast).


Tender and meaty, hidden in a beautiful pearly shell, abalones have a delicate flavour adored the world over. Sometimes called  Ormeau or Halitois, this little 'sea truffle' has to grow for about 5 years to reach the ideal size of 5-8cm. they are prepared with a little butter in a pan with shallots and a hint of garlic…

In Finistère, France Haliotis is the only organisation in France that produces abalones in the ocean waters, feeding them with seaweed collected locally so that they have a guaranteed flavour and quality.

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