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How to truly relax on the beach

Even though the beach is a must for holidays in Finistère, not everyone is a fan! We can start with the mums who find a beach trip anything but relaxing : the kids are bouncing everywhere, and Mum needs to stay alert.

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The Finistère Riviera

With its creeks of translucent water and its mild climate, the south coast of Quimper has a real Riviera feel about it. Sculpted by the sea, the landscapes of Fouesnant, La Forêt-Fouesnant, Bénodet and Sainte-Marine are dotted with little ports, mari...

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Making a great point

For any visitor who’s a fan of grandiose landscapes, Finistère offers unforgettable contrasts. This region resembles a trident with its three coastal points, each of which offers something new every day...

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The Parish Closes of Brittany

One of Finistère’s most original features is its collection of ‘Enclos Paroissiaux’, parish churchyards with flamboyant architectural detail. Particularly common in the north of the region, these monuments stand as evidence of a time when the area wa...

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