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The Museums of Finistère

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Finistère is blessed with many museums on every imaginable topic - almost!

Painting has its fair share of dedicated collections, in the Fine Arts Musées des Beaux-Arts in Quimper, Brest and Pont-Aven and in the curious house-based Musée Marie Henry in Le Pouldu.

Popular arts and archaeology can be found in the Musée Départemental Breton in Quimper and in Pont L’Abbé, fishing is explored in the Musée de la Pêche in Concarneau and in Haliotika in Le Guilvinec, while marine history is celebrated in Brest.

There are also places to learn about lighthouses such as the Musée des Phares et Balises on Ouessant Island, and a rather unique strawberry museum in Plougastel Daoulas, home of Brittany's most famous fraises.

Finally, be sure to visit Océanopolis in Brest which offers three pavillions showing Polar, Temperate and Tropical environments, a fantastic window on the underwater world and a very lively, must-see museum in a beautiful harbourside setting.

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29120 Saint-Jean-Trolimon - T. 02 98 82 13 45

Come and discover the world of traditional games, a little-known aspect of Breton culture. Play boultenn, birinig, botoù koad, toul ar c'hhazh, quilles and more, all in a fun and family-friendly atmos...

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29217 Plougonvelin - T. 02 98 89 00 17

In 1250, the monks of the abbey lit a fire on top of a tower to guide ships. Several centuries later, in 1835, the present lighthouse was inaugurated. Thirty-seven metres high, its white light flashes...

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29410 Le Cloître-Saint-Thégonnec - T. 02 98 79 73 45

At the foot of the Arrée Mountains, the Wolf Museum will help you learn all about this fascinating creature, so different from the big, bad wolf of fairytales and legends. The museum now boasts a bran...

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29610 Plouigneau - T. 02 98 79 85 80

The ecomuseum (8,000 m²) covers the history of the period 1870-1970. The gallery devoted to farm equipment illustrates the technical progress made in agricultural machinery, in particular the advent o...

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29560 Argol - T. 02 98 17 21 67

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29560 Argol - T. 02 98 27 79 30

Meet our team of passionate volunteers in a welcoming setting as they teach you about the crafts and trades of yesteryear represented in over 15 workshops: potter, linen and wool spinners, embroideres...

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29000 Quimper - T. 02 98 95 21 60

Founded in 1846, the museum occupies the former palace of the bishops of Cornouaille. It gives an overview of the popular and decorative arts in Finistère. The ground floor is devoted to prehistory an...

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29770 Audierne - T. 02 98 70 27 49

Opened in 2000, the Cap Sizun Maritime Museum offers two storeys of permanent collections that focus on local maritime life, from prehistoric times to the current day. Throughout the themed rooms, you...

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29160 Crozon - T. 02 98 27 24 76

The remarkable character of the military heritage on the Crozon Peninsula, with its wealth of fortifications, threads through history from Prehistoric times to the current day. Head off to learn more!...

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29760 Penmarch - T. 02 98 58 60 35

Head off to discover the traces of mankind from the origins of our very first ancestors in Finistère right up to the Early Middle Ages. Prehistoric Dolmen stones, standing stones, cut blocks, ceramic...

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29200 Brest - T. 02 98 22 12 39

The Château de Brest, steeped in 17 centuries of history, is home to the National Marine Museum. This fortress is the oldest monument in Brest. It testifies how the city's history has always been inex...

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29200 Brest - T. 02 98 00 87 96

In a building dating from the Reconstruction Era, the Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts) opened its doors to the public in 1968, right in the centre of Brest. It is blessed with an original co...

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29252 Plouezoc'h - T. 02 98 67 24 73

Built 6,000 years ago, this monument is 75m long and 28m wide, and stands as a testament to an unexpected level of engineering know-how. Eleven corridor tombs are hidden within its titanic facade, som...

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29680 Roscoff - T. 02 98 61 25 48

Since the 19th century, there has been a tradition of onion-sellers leaving the shores of north Brittany to sell their wares in Great Britain. These onion-sellers were known as ‘Johnnies’. Near Roscof...

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29950 Bénodet - T. 02 98 57 00 14

Permanent exhibition: Boating and the birth of seaside tourism. An evocation of life at the seaside in a reconstructed early 20th-century setting. A beach in the 1930s, sea-bathing facilities, period...

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29100 Douarnenez - T. 02 98 92 65 20

This museum, dedicated to boats and to people, is an invitation to travel through the maritime cultures of the world. On land, discover twenty or more boats, temporary exhibitions and a space dedicate...

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29710 Pouldreuzic - T. 02 98 51 53 76

The iconic blue-and-yellow packaging of Hénaff pâté is part of a cult for good food as well as being part of the Breton identity. From the life of the original Jean Hénaff to the latest news, photos, ...

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29840 Lanildut - T. 02 98 48 12 88

The centre is based on the leading algae port in Europe, and invites the public to dive into the fascinating world of algae in the Iroise Sea. It teaches visitors about the development of harvesting a...

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29470 Plougastel-Daoulas - T. 02 98 40 21 18

Open the door to a world of treats and discoveries: this museum is dedicated to bringing to life the traditions of the Plougastel Peninsula as well as to celebrate the little red fruit that has made t...

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29880 Plouguerneau - T. 02 98 04 70 93

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29242 Ouessant - T. 02 98 48 86 37

The 'Maisons du Niou' are France's first eco-museum, managed by the Armorique Regional Nature Park. They display daily life on the island as it was until the mid-20th century: household layout, colour...

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29900 Concarneau - T. 02 98 97 10 20

Dive in to the world of fishing and discover a museum that is the only one of France. The 'Musée de la Pêche' fishing museum is a pioneering establishment when it comes to maritime heritage collection...

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29750 Loctudy - T. 09 65 19 61 57

This manor house has been fully furnished with 16th- and 18th-century items (kitchen, drawing rooms, dining room, billiard room, smoking room and library). The art of living in Brittany in the 19th ce...

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29160 Crozon - T. 02 98 27 19 73

Located between Morgat and the Cap de la Chèvre, this centre with the focus on geology will introduce you to the rich and varied mineral environment of the Crozon peninsula, Finistère, the Massif Armo...

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29120 Combrit - T. 02 98 51 94 40

Anchored in the heart of the Sainte-Marine Port, the ‘Abri du Marin’ Mariner’s Shelter is a museum that tells you all about the life of sailors at the beginning of the last century. It also presents t...

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29450 Commana - T. 02 98 68 87 76

This millers' village was built between the 17th and 20th centuries and awaits your discovery. Two water mills are the centre of the attraction. They are surrounded by furnished dwellings, bakeries, s...

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29600 Morlaix - T. 02 98 88 68 88

12th November-20th May 2017: Portraits and figures. At the Maison à Pondalez (MH, early 15th century): Timber-framed house, an outstanding example of the Golden Age in Morlaix's history.

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29830 Ploudalmézeau - T. 02 98 48 73 19

16th March 1978: the Amoco Cadiz sank off the coast of Portsall in Brittany, spilling 220 000 tonnes of crude oil into the sea. This wreckage caused an unprecedented oil slick, and the museum centre o...

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29730 Guilvinec - T. 02 98 58 28 38

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29890 Kerlouan - T. 02 98 83 95 63/02 29 61 13 60

The village of Meneham is tucked away in the cliffs of the Côte des Légendes, facing the English Channel. This hamlet in Kerlouan was home in turn to soldiers, customs officers and peasant farmers, fi...

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29950 Clohars-Fouesnant - T. 02 98 54 60 02

A house of painters. Since 2009, the manor has opened its doors to the general public, who can thus view a small selection of the works of Emile Simon and Madeleine Fié-Fieux - a chance for visitors t...

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29360 Clohars-Carnoët - T. 02 98 39 98 51

‘La Maison-Musée du Pouldu’ is a museum following in the footsteps of the artist Gauguin, a reconstruction of the old-fashioned ‘Buvette de la Plage’ where Paul Gauguin and his painter friends stayed ...

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29690 Brennilis - T. 02 98 99 62 36

Youdig is a mini leisure complex with “Gîtes de France” and "Rando Accueil” certified holiday accommodation; a restaurant bearing the “Auberge de Campagne” and “Vraie Cuisine du Terroir” (real local c...

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29200 Brest - T. 02 98 05 39 46

A memorial museum of the Second World War in a fort that was built during the reign of Louis XVI (in the late 18th century). - Memorial gallery of the people of Finistère - Themed rooms - Vehicles, ar...

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29560 Trégarvan - T. 02 98 26 04 72

Part of the national museum network, the ‘Musée de l’école rurale en Bretagne’ is a Rural School Museum in Trégarvan, at the entrance to the Crozon Peninsula. This museum tells the story of schooling ...

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29570 Camaret-sur-Mer - T. 02 98 27 94 22

The purpose of this tower, designed by the great military architect Vauban, was to guard the entrance to the Brest narrows and prevent enemy landings in Camaret cove. Even before it was completed, it ...

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29930 Pont-Aven - T. 02 98 06 14 43

Artists from the late 19th to early 20th centuries would meet at the Hotel Julia, which – since March 2016 – has found new life as the new Pont-Aven Museum. The building houses and exhibits works by P...

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29760 Penmarch - T. 02 98 58 72 87

An exceptional site comprising three lighthouses. Come and enjoy the magnificent view from the platform of the Eckmühl lighthouse, 60 metres and 307 steps above ground level. The ground floor of the "...

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29259 Île-Molène - T. 02 98 84 41 15

Molène, always one eye on the sea. Explore the island and fall under the spell of its natural and cultural heritage. On your way, discover the semaphore tower whose two levels tell the story of this i...

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29100 Douarnenez - T. 02 98 92 75 41

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29900 Concarneau

"Les Archi Kurieux' offers visits and fun workshops for families and inquisitive children aged around 6 and over. Through mime, drawings, puzzles, memory games and a host of other activities, discover...

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29242 Ouessant - T. 02 98 48 80 70

Located behind Créac'h, the famous lighthouse that guides ships as they cross the Channel, the Lighthouse and Buoy Museum gives you the chance to learn all about the history of maritime signals using ...

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29800 Landerneau - T. 02 29 62 47 78

The "Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc pour la culture" is a private modern art centre in the Capucins convent in Landerneau. It aims to showcase the iconic artists of our time to a wide audience through...

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29120 Pont-L'Abbé - T. 02 98 66 09 03

Come and discover Brittany's most famous secret... the area known as Pays Bigouden. Head-dresses and embroidered costumes, astonishing interiors, picture archives and more: as you explore the château,...

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29000 Quimper - T. 02 98 95 45 20

Exhibition ""Silent Nature: the landscapes of Odilon Redon"" 19/05–11/09/2017 This exhibition focuses on landscapes, an essential source of inspiration in the work of Redon (1840-1916). His dreamy, ...

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29217 Plougonvelin - T. 02 29 02 84 56

A stone’s throw from Pointe Saint Mathieu, take a trip back in time thanks to this exceptional German blockhouse, a fortification left over from the Occupation. Over 5 floors, you’ll discover anecdote...

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29880 Plouguerneau - T. 02 98 37 13 35

The 'Musée des Goémoniers' is a museum dedicated to the seaweed-gatherers, both traditional and modern. Our programme of events for children and grown-ups is available from local Tourist Offices and c...

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29710 Pouldreuzic - T. 02 98 51 52 52

The only one of its kind in Brittany, the 'Musée de l'Amiral' museum is dedicated to the magic of the oceans. Over 12,000 shellfish from all over the world are presented in this modern, interactive mu...

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29470 Plougastel-Daoulas - T. 02 98 30 62 28

Why are fire engines red? What does the French term 'sapeur-pompier' mean? What's the link between Louis XIV and fire-fighting? In which year was the job of rescuing people entrusted to fire-fighters?...

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29260 Lesneven - T. 02 98 83 01 47

As a gateway to the area, the museum is certainly a must-see if you'd like to understand the land of Léon today. Based in the chapel of the Ursuline convent, the Musée du Léon will draw you into a rem...

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29300 Quimperlé - T. 02 98 96 37 37

Exhibition "URSULUMES, DD - Yann Kersalé". Yann Kersalé uses light to create art, in the same way that other people use multiple materials of expression. He chooses the night-time, favoured by sensiti...

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