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How to truly relax on the beach

Mum on the beach

Words from the wise

Even though the beach is a must for holidays in Finistère, not everyone is a fan! We can start with the mums who find a beach trip anything but relaxing : the kids are bouncing everywhere, and Mum needs to stay alert. Then you get back home and the chores still aren’ t over as everything has to be sorted out.

Here are our 4 top tips to help you enjoy an afternoon at the beach, every bit as much as the kids.

Tip n°1 – The beach as a beauty parlour

Maman - gommage à la plageThe fine grains of sand are perfect for massage and exfoliation, softening the skin.

While your little ones are splashing in the shallows, sit down and rub your arms and legs with the damp sand. Then gently smooth grains of sand all over yourself before rinsing off in the sea. A great treatment for smooth, silky skin.

You could even ask the kids to rub some on your back – gently!

Tip n°2 - The beach as a toning gym

Balade le long de la plageYou can also do some walking lengths back and forth with the sea halfway up your calves, all whilst keeping an eye on the youngsters. The cool water and massage effect are always highly effective for your circulation.

If you want more of a fat-burning exercise to slim your silhouette, try walking with the water up to your chest. Give the children rubber rings and while they bob about, the sea can be your gym.

Try pulling the kids, too - you’ll soon see it’s every bit as effective as a fitness centre!

Tip n°3 – The beach as a stress-free zone

Do you have young children, which makes you wary near the sea?

The best thing to do is to opt for a beach with lifeguards and plenty of sand to play on. At Kervel beach near Plonévez-Porzay, there is an enormous beach, especially at low tide. This means you can make the most of the sun and sandcastles and easily keep an eye on the kids.


Tip n°4 – The beach as a model of organisation

Don’t like putting on your t-shirt after a swim because salty skin makes you itchy? Don’t enjoy untangling the sand from your daughter’s hair? And above all you don’t like heading home with 3 kilos of sand in the car?

Choose one of our beaches with a shower: that way you can rinse the salt and sand off the whole family, and head home happily, sand-free.

Maman et les enfants sur la plage

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