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Holiday season in Finistère

It's starting to look a lot like... 

Fireplaces start to steam, houses brighten and leprechauns get dressed in red... no doubt, Christmas is coming. Whether your heart belongs to "The Grinch" or "Love Actually", this year, you're going out in Finistère to make the most of the Holiday season ! We got you a special little set of activities to enjoy, while you await for 2016.
Shopping Time

It's the end of the year, everyone's starting to feel a little depressed by the shortenning days and the sun playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds. So let's relax, and go for a shopping tour in Brest. Stroll along the shops in the city-center, and bring home a handful of souvenirs (and some memories, too). From the small shops to the malls, it's a moment that belongs to you... to enjoy by yourslef or to share !

Brace yourselves

Holiday season is a gathering time for everyone, whether because of the joyful spirit they express, or because of the chilly wind that comes along. Anyway, why not use the occasion to take your beloved half in a charming hotel ? In a small typical town, between timbered houses and cobblestones... And if you'd like an "exotic touch", maybe you can head to Roscoff, and take a small break in the botanic garden. Once you'll be there, the wintery wind won't seem so chilly...

The show goes on

You don't need to cross the Atlantic to spend a colorful Christmas. To be impressed, let's head to St Goazec, and the Trevarez Castle, where every winter, the domain is illuminated by thousands of lights. Never the same, always amazing, the colorful nights in Trevarez is likely to be, this year as every year, a wonderful time !

A fresh start

The end of a year, the beginning of a new one... Every winter is the memory of a page turning. This year, let's turn the page gently in a comfortable hotel. Let's say... Ty Mad in Douarnenez ? On the menu : diner by candlelight, starred meal and a little detour by the sauna to forget the chilly wind outside. A little warm cocoon to take on the new year with a fresh start.

By the fireplace

If you're not afraid of winter's cold (or if you have a cool coat and a sweet scarf), why not enjoy christmas lights in one of the most beautiful towns of finistère ? Discover Locronan's enlightenings, which you can see from all over the Porzay land. Wander across the cobbled streets and rediscover this charm from another Time. Everything's more magical at night, right ? And for an even better evening, why not taking some time to taste some crêpes right next to a fireplace...

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