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The Finistère Collection

Fiunistère collection of breaks in Finistère

There are those who simply go on holiday; then there are those who come to Finistère.

This is the land of wide blue horizons, with soft, sandy beaches and wild coastlines, with peaceful countryside walks and unforgettable festivals: this is the home of the true Breton spirit, a destination that promises a stunning and intense holiday experience.

In the seaspray off the Pointe du Raz, in the islands scattered around the edge of the world, in the secret landscapes of the Arrée Mountains and in the wonderful historic and coastal towns of Roscoff, Brest, Concarneau, Quimper and Pont-Aven – come and live life to the full!

Island Hideaways

How about a complete break from everything – including the mainland? Finistère’s islands are famous for their beauty and their character, each one a microcosm of Brittany itself. Whether lively and bustling or peaceful retreats, a warm welcome awaits...

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Happy Family

Looking for great family holidays? Finistère is the best place to stay! Watersports, shellfish gathering, leisure parks, tours and cooking activities for the whole family… Children and adults alike will fall for these holiday breaks!

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Back to nature

Crazy about hiking and biking? Or maybe you just want to let go: you spend all year chasing around so why not treat yourself to a real break at the end of the world, embraced by natural surroundings?

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Do you pale at the prospect of a holiday spent shopping or sunbathing? What you’re after are real memories! Whether it’s a fishing-trip on a trawler, diving with the seals or going on a cruise, you’re going to love these holiday breaks!

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