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Stroke a donkey, chuckle at the pigs, gasp at the goats, and admire the multi-coloured birds... Finistère has plenty of opportunity to get even closer to nature, not just local animals but species from around the world.

Many of our local farm parks are free, great places for families to return to time and again, playing or enjoying a picnic, a wonderful way of enjoying and getting close to nature.


L'Asinerie de Kergall

Arzano - Tél : 02 98 71 76 80

Parc du Quinquis

Clohars-Carnoët - Tél : 02 98 39 94 13

Domaine de Menez Meur

A real “Noah's ark” for Brittany's natural heritage this 1,700-acre site in the heart of the Monts d'Arrée, managed by the PNRA, preserves and protects a large number of plant and animal species, as well as conserving the landscape. The estate is involved in safeguarding regional breeds of domestic...

Parc animalier La Pommeraie

Peumérit - Tél : 02 98 82 91 52
The park covers roughly 12 acres, planted with different kinds of tree and a collection of flowers. Visitors walk through paddocks, where children can approach and stroke the animals. They will love the kids (young goats), which are allowed to roam free. The park has a collection of hens. Larger...

Jardin public de Moulin Neuf

A 10-acre public garden with zoo park, two games areas, and streams, ponds and pools containing exotic fish. Many plant species, predominantly roses and hydrangeas, rockery featuring succulents, aquatic plants. Car park and picnic area nearby. Free access to the garden, except at flower festival...

Parc animalier de Saint Vougay

You can see more than 80 species from around the world (reindeer, yak, watussi, zebu, etc.), some threatened with extinction, as you follow the 3-kilometre itinerary. Restaurant open from April to August. In summer, donkey or pony rides for children, every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Breton games...

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