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Treat your tastebuds to Finistère

Crêpe in Finistère

Authentic, original, and way out the Breton peninsula:
Finistère certainly offers something out of the ordinary and that includes its food.

Breton cuisine is rich and varied, nowhere more so than in Finistère. Here, we are surrounded by glittering waters filled with white fish, shellfish and crabs; we have rolling fields and loaded fruit trees; we have rich soil for producing artichokes, carrots, cabbage and cauliflowers, and we have a perfect balance of rain and sun for the tastiest crops.

Whether you're longing for a cool, fresh, golden cider, local salted butter thickly spread on hunks of bread, pale pink prawns nestling in crisp salad leaves or a warm and simmering casserole followed by a velvety chocolate pudding, Finistère will find a way to appease your appetite and please your tastebuds!

This land is rather like a platter of fresh produce set on a shining sea - don't miss your chance to come and discover the best flavours in France.

Our Michelin-starred restaurants

Gourmet diners see Finistère as an essential destination when visiting the very best tables.

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From the soil...

From the soil to your basket and then to the table - it doesn't get fresher or tastier than this! Northern Finistère has a stretch of land known as the 'golden belt', an area around Léon where vegetables thrive: pink onions, cauliflowers, artichokes ...

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Treasures from the ocean

As far as seafood is concerned, fresh fish, oysters, sardines and langoustines are all award winners in Finistère!

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Culinary specialities

Rounded flavours with a hint of the sea...

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The Best Crêpes in the West

How do you fancy a petite crêpe or three for a great family lunch?

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Recipes from Finistère

Gather ideas for recipes from Finistère or dishes using local ingredients - you're the chef! Here are some lovely dishes to try that are sure to delight your family and guests, or simply to cook and savour yourself.

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Trails for the Tastebuds

Seaweed, sardines, strawberries, cider... there is trails to suit all tastes in Finistère!

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Finistère trails

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