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Stunning landscapes

The coastal landscapes of Finistère boast an exceptional diversity. Wait no longer to discover their captivating, changing beauty, shifting with each hour and season, the abers, bays, cliffs and coastal points!

Cliffs and Coastal Points

As we have a significant amount of maritime traffic and a large number of islands, reefs and coastal points, Finistère gives a fairly early warning of its coastline thanks to a chain of lighthouses, lights, semaphores and marker points. As of today, ...

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The Abers

Abers are where rivers join the sea, and the word comes from the same root as our British placenames Aber and Inver ('Aberystwyth' and 'Inverness' being the best known). They are rather like Breton fjords, deep grooves in the landscape that the sea c...

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Sand dunes

Finistère has some utterly captivating sand dunes, fragile environments at the mercy of the wind and the sea but home to some wonderful flora and fauna.

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Beautiful Bays

Morlaix, Douarnenez, Audierne... Discover the beautiful bays of Finistère!

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