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Nature's finest

Hikers in the Arrée Mountains

A rich mosaic of landscapes, Finistère has coasts and woodland, rocky peaks and marshes, canals and rivers - all of which encourages an astounding diversity of flora and fauna.

From the heart of the Regional Park to the peaks of the Montagnes Noires and Monts d'Arrée, there are breath-taking views at every turn.

You don't need to be a photographer to be speechless with admiration here: each season arrives in its own unique colours, changeable and mesmerising.  

Armorique Regional Park

The Regional Natural Park of Finistère, created in 1969, was the second of its kind in France. Extending over 425 000 acres (of which nearly 150 000 are maritime) the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique encompasses some 61 000 habitants, spread over 44...

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The Iroise Natural Marine Park

The Iroise Sea off Brittany's west coast has a wealth of seals, dolphins, seabass, lobster and even the occasional whale and basking shark further out. Part of the Atlantic Ocean, Iroise became France's first marine park (2007) and had already been l...

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Unmissable landscapes

Some of France's most beautiful, breathtaking landscapes are to be found in Finistère. From the miraculous light playing over the rocks and heather of the Monts d’Arrée to the dappled sunlight filtering through the wooded banks of the Aulne Valley ri...

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Protected Natural Environments

French laws passed in 1982 and 1983 granted regional councils the power to put into place schemes to protect, manage and open to the public certain sensitive natural areas. Finistère was one of the forerunners in this field, having already put such s...

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Environmental Discovery Centres

Environmental Discovery Centres are places where you can find out all about the flora, fauna and natural beauty of Finistère. Through exhibitions, guided visits and organised walks, these centres set forth the riches of our department for you to dis...

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Parks and Gardens

There is a surprisingly rich diversity of plant species in Finistère, and not all are to be found in public parks or botanical gardens. From Daoulas Abbey and the Château de Trévarez - with their horticultural expertise - to the modest domestic gard...

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