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Local crabs


Spider crabs, common crabs or even velvet swimming crabs … There are many species of crab.

Usually caught in lobster pots and occasionally with nets or even by hand, crabs are sought after for their delicious flavour, a meaty flesh that is white tinged with pink.

How to recognise them ?

The common crab (tourteau in French) hides at the rocky depths and can be eaten all year round, but its peak seaons is July. One crab makes a starter for two people, or a good-sized crab can provide enough meat for one main meal.

The velvet swimming crab (l’étrille or crabe sardine) is smaller, flat and brown, identifiable by its red eyes. These crabs are not easily caught and will put up a hard fight but their flavour is such that we continue to risk it! These crabs are good value for money with fine, tasty meat.

The spider crab (l’araignée de mer) hides in the sand and is mostly eaten during winter months.  Spider crabs have long claws and spindly, hairy legs.

Crabs themselves are a good choice for dinner: they're rich in vitamins and minerals, they're local and they're tasty. Served warm or cold with a little mayonnaise, it's a flavour that's hard to beat!

Where do they hide ?

In rocky areas, in seaweed or in water holes.

The expert's piece of advice
Go out just before the low tide: if the sun is shining and no one has been there before, you're sure to gather a lot of crabs!

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