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Island Hideaways

Holiday on an island

How about a complete break from everything – including the mainland?

Finistère’s islands are famous for their beauty and their character, each one a microcosm of Brittany itself. Whether lively and bustling or peaceful retreats, a warm welcome awaits on each island, along with an ever-changing, mesmerising landscape.

Treasure Hunt on the Glénan Archipelago

It would be a real shame to come to Finistère, France’s top maritime area, without discovering at least one of its islands. Among these, the Glénan Archipelago – best-known for its sailing school – is an absolute must. Like a modern family Robinson, ...

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Quite simply Ouessant

The most westerly of all France’s mainland islands is also one of its most beautiful. Topped by the famous lighthouse ‘Phare du Créac'h’, Ouessant offers truly diverse landscapes, from rocky cliffs to coloured moorland, spectacular coastal points to ...

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Complete calm on Ouessant

What could be more romantic than this island at the edge of the world? Head off hand-in-hand to the largest island in Finistère, which is also the furthest west, a place where you can take a break and gaze into each other’s eyes. After a short flight...

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Head off for peace and quiet on Ouessant

Head west for Ouessant! You’re sure to fall for the charms of this exceptional island, with its rich heritage, natural beauty and landscapes that take your breath away. In the space of one weekend, you can explore the island of Ouessant with its 5 li...

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Set Sail for the Glénan Archipelago!

Make the most of your time in Brittany to ‘hoist the mainsails’ and set off to one of the most mythical island destinations: the Glénan Archipelago.

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Follow the guide on the island of Sein!

Just above sea-level in the Iroise sea, symbol of liberation of France from Nazi occupation, the island of Sein with its narrow streets and numerous nooks is full of charm… This “end of the world” just 9 km away from the Pointe du Raz is the place of...

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The islands of Finistère: a discovery trail

Each island is in a world of its own where life passes slowly and with very little traffic – indeed, often none at all. A few minutes on a boat and you get a complete change of scene. Wild and mysterious, like Ouessant, peaceful like Batz or ‘at worl...

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Seaside Package: the Glénan Islands

Explore the Glénan Archipelago, an incredible Breton lagoon with turquoise waters After stopping off on Île St Nicolas, our guide will lead you to a dream-like island setting: long-forgotten farms, places where people once gathered seaweed to make s...

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