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The Iroise Natural Marine Park

The Iroise Natural Marine Park

The Iroise Sea off Brittany's west coast has a wealth of seals, dolphins, seabass, lobster and even the occasional whale and basking shark further out. Part of the Atlantic Ocean, Iroise became France's first marine park (2007) and had already been listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

This stretch of sea is a natural destination for tourists who love the glittering waters and fascinating islands that can be visited on boat-trips; it's also necessary to fishermen and those harvesting seaweed, as well as being a year-round home to abundant flora and fauna, on land and in the depths below.

One quarter of France's sea mammals are to be found in the Iroise waters, along with over 300 species of seaweed and around half of all the species of fish to be found in the English Channel or the Atlantic coast can be found here.

The Marine Park itself monitors human activity in these waters, seeking to preserve the diversity and natural richness of this exceptional marine environment.

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