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How does your garden grow?

Artichoke of Finistère

Finistère's Market Garden: Léon

The north Finistère area around the Pays de Léon has a longstanding reputation for fresh produce. The moderate climate and fertile soil enriched by seaweed have made this area into France's very own market garden.

The adventure began with the Onion of Roscoff, brought over by seafarers who found that it would only thrive in certain soils - such as that of Léon. Among the stars of this rich soil known as the golden belt, you'll find cauliflowers, potatoes, chicory, shallots, tomatoes and artichokes. Naturally, these artichokes are the favourites of chefs locally and further afield, to complement seafood as well as meat dishes.

Did you know?
The île de Batz, just off Roscoff, has a very favourable climate and the harvests there are often very impressive and abundant. Organic agriculture has become a speciality here, and they use seaweed as a fertiliser.

The Vegetable Trail

Take a basket along if you're heading off on this particular trail, as it includes plenty of stops that you'll want to make the most of - including a key centre for vegetable harvest and distribution in Saint-Pol de Léon.

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Finistère trails

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