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Gâteau breton, far and galettes

Gâteau breton

Some of the best-loved Finistère goodies are the sweet ones.

Far and gâteau breton

Far is a soft, creamy dessert rather like an egg custard, made with egg yolks and sometimes including prunes or raisins but excellent on its own.

Gâteau breton reveals its best flavours when enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Golden, crispy and rather like a rich shortbread, this cake-biscuit concoction is just as good on its own as with raspberries. The one from Arzano is famous.

Galettes and palets

A Galette or a Palet Breton can be enjoyed at any time of day, and can even be dunked in tea. these are small, round biscuits made - again - with the salty butter for which Brittany is so famous, and they are a Breton shortbread that melts on the tongue. Galettes are thinner and crisper; Palets Bretons are perhaps an inch thick and with a crumbly texture.  They also use different proportions of butter, but you'll simply have to taste them to see which you prefer!

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