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Gâteau breton: Brittany's shortbread

gateau breton

It is just about possible to come to Finistère and not taste this buttery speciality... but it would be a real shame!


350g plain flour
350g salted butter
300g sugar
6 egg yolks (+ 1 extra for brushing over)
A splash of rum (optional)


Mix together the flour and sugar then gradually mix in the butter.
Add the egg yolks as you knead the dough - normally by hand - and the rum if you wish. Don't knead the dough for too long, only long enough to incorporate all the ingredients.
Spread out the dough in a deep, round ovenproof dish or springform mould.

Using a fork, etch diagonal stripes onto the surface, then coat with a yolk egg-wash for a golden finish.

Bake for around 45 minutes at 180°C, leave it to cool then take it out of the dish or mould. 

This cake keeps for a long time and some believe it tastes even better after a few days... some of us never leave it long enough to know! It is usually served in slices with a cup of good coffee. It can also be served with a little jam or prune conserve - but whichever way it's served, it's delicious.

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