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Fancy a Kig ha farz ?

Kig ha farz

Kig ha Farz and Ragoût: two of Finistère's unmissable foods

Kig ha farz

Kig ha Farz literally translates as 'meat and stuffing'. It's a filling, hearty dish made from local pork and vegetables sometimes with beef, stewed for a long time until very tender. The peculiarity of this dish is the Farz, a stuffing-type mixture based on buckwheat, that is cooked in a muslin bag and when served gives a grainy texture to the finished dish.  

Once cooked, the cooking juices are served as a starter, rather like a soup dish, then the meat and vegetables are served with the stuffing, sometimes with a lipig sauce of butter and onions.

The recipe

"Ragoût dans les mottes"

This smoke-flavoured dish is a speciality of Ile Ouessant, a lamb stew with carrots, potatoes and onions, cooked for 4 hours in a cast-iron casserole pot  placed in a fireplace.

Usually, les mottes means clumps of earth and in this context it refers to how the stew is cooked. The pot is surrounded by clumps of peat that slowly burn and flavour the dish. It's a delicious and unusual flavour - you'll have to try it to describe it!

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