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Culinary specialities

Kouign amann

Rounded flavours with a hint of the sea...

When you come to eat in Finistère, you're sitting at the table of fresh produce and fresh sea air. From humble home-makers to chefs of international standing, everyone has their own ways of getting the most from the wonderful local produce - so hurry along and taste a few of the local dishes!

Delicatessen, traditional cooked meats in Finistère

Pork had been the only meat eaten by Breton people. Meat was luxury so one was lucky when having a pig. The day when the pig was killed was a big event which gathers parents, neighbours and friends, the 'fest en oc'h'. The women would then make the c...

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Breton cider and beer

Finistère bubbles...

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Sweet or savoury, as a snack or a whole meal!

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In Finistère, one can find also delicious jams! And it is also home to the Best jam maker in France!

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Cheeses of Finistère

France is the first producer of cheese in the world, in quantity and diversity. Finistère is not outdone. Here are some of the specialities to discover.

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Gâteau breton, far and galettes

Some of the best-loved Finistère goodies are the sweet ones.

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Fancy a Kig ha farz ?

Kig ha Farz and Ragoût: two of Finistère's unmissable foods

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Kouign amann

Known for appreciating good food, the people of Brittany are especially fond of a sweet treat or two. Pâtisseries here are like jewellers shops, filled with the goodies that Bretons call "lichouseries". King of these is the Kouign Amann, which litera...

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