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Breton Lobster

Breton Lobster

Jewel in the crown for any seafood fan

A Breton lobster, recognisable by its black shell with blue highlights that turns brick red when cooked.. it's the star of any seafood show! Its renowned firm flesh is just as delicious eaten cold as it is hot, making it the most favoured of seafood.

It's hard to beat a lobster simply grilled, but you can also cooked it in a seaweed pouch or as the classic dish with Armoricaine Sauce. For something new, try the Lobster Ragoût from the Ile de Sein.

Cooking tip

For great grilled lobster, have a little flambée with a good brandy then coat each side of the lobster with crème fraîche before grilling.

Fun fact

Lobsters have two different claws: one for cutting and the other (larger) is for crushing.

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