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Cornouaille was the first French cider to be recognised with the label 'appellation contrôlée'. It's the feather in the cap of Finistère cider, produced in the region also called Cornouaille (French Cornwall). this product, 100% nautral and pure juice, is made with the greatest care for its authenticity and quality. Seven varieties of apple, harvested by hand, are permitted for this AOC which has a natural effervescence. Of course, you'll love its golden colour, its generous frothy topping and its delicate bubbles, but once its on the palate, you'll only be thinking about its incredibel flavour...


In the early 1800s, there were several breweries in Brittany. Although at one time they seemed to be abandoned, the activity is once again on the increase. In Finistère, traditional breweries are once again setting up and producing top-quality beers with a strong character. Amber, blonde, russet, organic, with honey, with seaweed... there are countless variations and all worth a try!

While the Cornouaille cider gained its AOC recognition in 1996 , other drinks such as chouchenn and pommeau certainly deserve a special mention. Surprise your tastebuds with pommeau - an apple-based liqueur drunk as an aperitif - alongside foie gras, melon or apple tart; alternatively, chouchenn - a traditional Celtic drink brewed from fruit and honey - accompanied by crêpes, fish or meat dishes.

*Note: alcohol can be dangerous for your health; please drink in moderation.

Try this...

There's a trail in Finistère that is followed and adored by thsoe who appreciate the best apple-based drinks around: Cornouaille, Pommeau et Lambig.

These products are produced according to strict rules using the finest cider apples in the area and undergo severe taste tests to guarantee an irreproachable standard. On this route, you'll thread your way through French Cornwall and meet 13 producers who are as passionate as they are talented. When you visit their outlets, you can take a look around and learn about production, perhaps even be surprised by the different ways to taste and enjoy  AOC Cornouaille cider.

There is a free leaflet detailing the producers and including a map to find your way around - the leaflet can be found in all Tourist Offices (and from CIDREF,  5 allée Sully, 29322 Quimper Cedex). Happy discovering!

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