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The Abers

Les abers du Finistère

Abers are where rivers join the sea, and the word comes from the same root as our British placenames Aber and Inver ('Aberystwyth' and 'Inverness' being the best known).

Good to know
The GR34 coastal path gives a great view of our Abersand is a great way to find and enjoy them!
They are rather like Breton fjords, deep grooves in the landscape that the sea covers or reveals, and the blend of freshwater and seawater create a unique atmosphere.
Finistère has three abers: aber Benoît, aber Ildut et aber Wrac'h, located in the northwest of the region..

Video of Abers country (with English subtitles)

Get on a cruise in the abers!

Fancy a few days in a sailing boat? During this break, you will also learn all about sailing with a qualified skipper.

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