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Delicatessen, traditional cooked meats in Finistère

Pâté Hénaff

Pork had been the only meat eaten by Breton people.

Meat was luxury so one was lucky when having a pig. The day when the pig was killed was a big event which gathers parents, neighbours and friends, the 'fest en oc'h'. The women would then make the cooked meat, smoke it and salt it so than it could kept throughout the year.

Salted grease or 'graisse salée'

Each part was kept. That is why there is a Breton tradition of salted meat and a good reputation of Finistère's delicatessen. The salted grease is probably the most unusual former recipes. It is easy to find it in delicatessen and local markets. It is made of pork, chopped and mixed with onions, salt and pepper. It can be eaten with crêpes, used to cook onions and potatoes or spread on a piece of bread as an appetizer: a real treat!


Breton pâté is also a must taste, a pâté made of pork in an artisanal way. 40 to 50 kilos of pâté are made every week in a delicatessen. Each one as its own recipe. With pepper and spices, it is often presented in its cooking pot. Among others, the famous pâté Hénaff (Pouldreuzic, where the factory and museum are open to the public) in its blue and yellow tin, is really part of Breton identity and is sold around in the world. It can be eaten on a piece of bread but it is also part of numerous tasty recipes!


Andouille is pretty much a speciality in Finistère. It can be made 'à la mode de Guéméné' (chitterlings are put one inside another and look like circles when cut) or from chitterlings cut into pieces. Andouille is then called 'de campagne'. the small town of Baye between Riec-sur-Bélon and Quimperlé is home to a speciality: andouille au lard (with pork fat). And don't forget the one in Fouesnant or Pleyben!

It can be tasted cold, cut in thin slices, on a smoked meat platter beside ham slices, pâté, saucissons... or hot, in a crêpe or with potato mash..

Try these: Andouille de Baye, Andouilles&cie...


Bacon or lard is still eaten in Finistère. It can be found in local markets. Delicious hot or mild, it can also be eaten cold. It is made from pork chest with its bones, chopped into 7- to 8-centimeter wide slices. dived (as ham) in brine during a week, bacon is then roasted. The meat is pink, streaky and melting...

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