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The Chronicle of a Fascinating Chateau

Decades of wonders

The Domaine de Trévarez is a place of marvel and wonder. Its 200-acre parkland has been classed as a ‘Remarkable Garden’ and reveals different delights with every season. Camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and maple trees ensure an unbroken cycle of emotions, perfumes and colours.

Rising up in the heart of the estate you’ll find the pink chateau, which has enjoyed Historic Monument status since 2009, and has also won a ‘Twentieth-century Heritage’ label. Built between 1893 and 1907, this Gothic-style building is above all the uncategorisable fruit of a very fertile and brilliant imagination – that of its owner, James Marie Antoine Monjaret de Kerjégu, a diplomat and later Deputy and President of Finistère’s county council.

This chateau, one of the very last to be built in France, was at the cutting edge of all that was ultra-modern at the time, with its lifts, central heating and hot water on every floor. The miracles of luxury and technology were designed to satisfy the slightest desire of the guests who came here for hunting parties. James de Kerjégu barely had time to enjoy it all. He died just one year after the work was completed.

Rising from the ashes

The fate of this pink castle was definitively sealed when an incendiary bomb broke off the west wing in 1944. For several decades, this strange palace was slowly and silently dying without ever quite giving up the ghost. 

Finistère county council bought the estate in 1968 and gradually brought it back to life. The park soon regained its dazzling charm. Then, the central part of the chateau was re-opened to the public on a fairly conventional basis.

Since the summer of 2013, the bombarded wing has been a theatre of augmented reality. The next step in the chateau’s recovery will focus on the east wing, where once stood the bedroom and bathroom of James de Kerjégu, the man who built a dream that is now accessible to everyone.


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