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Rivers of Finistère

Finistère has many rivers, and they’re the quiet heros behind many of the features that are unique to Brittany such as abers and rias, as well as our bays and estuaries

The abers (Wrac’h, Benoît, Ildut)

The Abers are like Breton fjords, although more shallow than others in Europe. They are long, narrow stretches of water that cut into the landscape, and the sea can come and cover them or reveal them. There are three Abers in the north of Finistère: Aber Wrac'h and Aber Benoit connect to the English Channel, while the Aber Ildut belongs to the Iroise Sea.  

‘Aber’ refers to both the estuary and the river. Here, seascapes and landscapes mix, resulting in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The River Goyen

This adorable river is in the Cap Sizun in the southwest tip of Finistère, stretching for 36km before turning into an estuary at the foot of Pont-Croix then spilling out into Audierne Bay. The estuary itself mixes fresh and salt water, resembling a captive sea at high tide. All along the Goyen activities abound, from walking the path on the river banks to fishing (salmon and trout particularly), and bird-watching at Lespoul, where you’ll spot plenty of protected species.

The River Odet

Named the prettiest river in France, the Odet springs from the Montagnes noires. Stunning in the Stangala gorges, it quietly crosses through Quimper then makes its way out to sea, passing woodland dotted with beautiful chateaux and charming little harbours.
The Odet is a tidal river 62km long, with a maritime section from Quimper out to the sea in Bénodet / Sainte-Marine.

The River Aven / River Bélon

The Aven and the Belon can be found in the south of Finistère, where they form two deep grooves in the earth, bordered by the GR34 walking path. The Aven is to the left and between Pont-Aven and Port-Manec’h, it passes by several lovely ports such as Rosbras and Kerdruc. The Belon (famous for the oysters that are named after it) also has several pretty ports framed by woodland, such as Belon, Merrien and Brigneau, and it runs into the sea in Kerfany Bay. Oyster farms can be seen all along these rivers, and they are open to visitors looking to taste, try and buy direct from the suppliers.

Other rivers
  • The River of Morlaix
  • The River Elorn
  • The River of Pont-l’abbé
  • The River Laita

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