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15 pieces of advice to prepare your hiking trip in Brittany

Roc'h Trévézel

A hiking trip is something you need to prepare ! Here are our 15 pieces of advice to prepare yourself, to travel confidently and to make the right move if needed.

Before departure
  • Check the weather forecast, the weather changes fast in Finistère.
  • If you are planning to walk along the coastline, beware of the tides.
  • Get a guidebook. You'll be able to discover Finistère and to check the time and the difficulty of the trails.
Some pieces of advice
  • Hydrate at all seasons. Carry enough water.
  • During summer, don't forget a hat or a cap and sunscreen. The sun burns even when it is cloudy. In winter, bring a windcheater and a woolly hat, as wind blows along breton coasts.
  • Along the coastline, remember that the coastal path is dedicated to pedestrians.
  • Beware when you are near a cliff and be careful of the sea, because waves can go very high.
  • Don't enter private properties and fields, follow the marked paths.
  • Respect natural environment. Some are very fragile and suffer from trampling : dunes, peat bogs, nesting areas. In spring and in summer, wild animals usually give birth and raise their young.
  • Don't let your dog ramble alone, keep it on a lead and think about hydrating your animal when it is hot.
  • Avoid picking flowers and fruits.
  • Keep your rubbish in your bag so you can throw it in a bin.
  • Don't light a fire and don't throw your cigarette butt in natural environment or beaches. Nature is very sensitive to fire.
  • To preserve natural sites is to keep them unique and exceptional. For you and the others who will follow your steps...

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